A behind the scenes look at New York City’s best facial treatment

Dr. Schultz precisely formulated his unique glycolic treatments to ensure potency without irritation through extensive tweaking of pH and buffering, as well as utilizing his experience of performing over 50,000 of these same exact peels in his dermatology practice. In fact, the solution can even immediately be neutralized by water.

Nurses and technicians from Dr. Schultz’s office administer the peels at The Peel Bar. Together, they have a collective 10+ years of performing these peels.

The Peel Bar peel is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. However, it is not recommended for anyone who is on prescription retinoids (this does not include retinol), or who in the last week has experienced any skin sensitivity, irritation or redness, or who in the prior two days has waxed any facial area, used a scrub, lufa or clarisonic treatment, received a microdermabrasion treatment or glycolic peel, electrolysis or who is sunburned, has a rash, or has cold sores. Areas of inflammation with redness, flaking or swelling (eg. from active rosacea) must be avoided.

The Peel Bar peels are recommended once a month, although some of Dr. Schultz’s patients get them even more often.

The Peel Bar believes that daily, gentle yet effective glycolic exfoliation is the key to the gorgeous, glowing skin we all crave. To maintain your glow between peels, BeautyRx developed The Progressive Peel, your at-home professional glycolic peel.

Yes.We can also provide the treatment on the top of hands and decolletage.

The peel lasts only two minutes, and you should see results immediately afterwards. Guests remark that after a Peel Bar treatment their skin has never felt so soft and you will see a new glow. You should also continue to see an improvement in your skin over the 24-hour period post peel. Treatments are recommended once a month, and to maintain your new glow between treatments, effective yet gentle nightly exfoliation, such as from The Progressive Peel is key.

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